Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From the creator of Robolectric...

If Burning Man, or LGBT stuff, or a little playground humor turn you off, you can safely skip this post. Depending on your work environment, this may be mildly NSFW.

Shameless plug alert! I have another sheep-related project. Total coincidence. This one is an art piece bound for Burning Man: a giant mobile sheep-bus with a big soundsystem, a social message, some crazy awesome light effects, an unusual mode of entry, and a bunch of other nifty stuff. Oh, and he just happens to be a gay sheep. Not that it makes a difference, right?

Our Kickstarter campaign is finishing in a couple days, and we'd love to make it to $15K. If Robolectric has made your life a little better, consider kicking in some bucks to help us make Robolectric's real-world cousin amazingly awesome!

Don't worry, I don't fancy myself a DJ: we're corralling some really top-notch DJs and live performers, both acclaimed and underground, from around the world to entertain and make magic. This project is bringing together an incredible team of artists, engineers, builders, planners, and performers to create a rolling party. He'll debut at Burning Man 2013, but he'll be making appearances at events off-playa as well.

BAAAHS Kickstarter (I'm the guy at the start of the video)
BAAAHS Facebook page

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